Webinar - Communications for Project Managers - TBD


Webinar – Communications for Project Managers – TBD



Product Description

Do the Q&A sessions from your briefings to executive management take as long as the briefing presentation?  Do your project meetings start late, run late, and little seems to get accomplished?  Too many times, your team members are sitting in meetings instead of being productive getting work done.

Are your team members not reading your entire e-mails causing them to miss critical updates and action items?  How many times have you received that blank stare from team members who didn’t know they had a task assigned because they didn’t read the whole e-mail?  Or perhaps they actually did the task, but it wasn’t what you asked for and a full day has been wasted.

Project Managers communicate with project teams each and every day, yet much of that communications is ineffective.  Instructions and action items are often unclear or simply not transmitted in a way that promotes transfer of critical information.  If any of this happens on your projects, then this session will provide relief.


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